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I am always thinking
about creative and innovative ways to
disrupt the status quo.


My fascination for beauty and fashion started at a very young age. I was always dreaming up businesses and looking for things to invent. From playing with lotions and potions while sitting at my grandmother’s vanity to selling my Cinderella watch for a piece of bubble gum—REALLY!—to the revelation that a cup-holder should be at the end of every movie theater seat as well as a sponge contraption on which to rest your head when having a shampoo at the hair salon. This insatiable curiosity to invent was endless. I was full of ideas and they were big!

Over my 25-year career, I have been developing new and innovative brands and businesses in the media, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle industries. It has been a wild ride with many pivots, twists, and turns. My most recent venture, Scentinvent™ Technologies,
is re-thinking new ways for consumers to use, love, and wear fragrance. It all started because as a fragrance lover, I was looking for a new experience. Scentinvent™ launched its first product Linger® Fragrance Primer, exclusively on HSN. As a small start-up, we are steadily building our business and our pipeline of innovations. 
Recently launched Sparti Scents is a collection of fun-loving skin-loving fragrances for your lifestyle that pretty, playful, colorful, and portable. This new innovative and alternative fragrance brand is what the future of fragrance looks, feels, and smells like.

Before Scentinvent™, I spent most of my career behind the scenes in media and entertainment. At Showtime Networks, I landed my dream job as a live event producer. Then I was off to Hollywood as an Executive Producer for Nederlander TV & Film.

As soon as I had kids, my best production ever, I decided it was time to leave the corporate world and launch my own business. Beautiful was one of the first digital media brands that would connect video and still content to the point of sale. We would stop trendsetters in their tracks to find out what they were using, loving, and wearing.  We took it one step further to offer the ultimate service--a link to purchase every product and service mentioned. As pioneers in this venture, and one of Youtube's first partners, we were on the cutting-edge to change the media landscape.


But where it all began was at a small boutique PR firm with big-name clients like Procter & Gamble, Oil of Olay and Cal Que Fleurs Fragrance, which I launched at Bergdorf Goodman in my very first job. You see, it all came full circle. Back to where I wanted to be, sitting at my grandmother’s vanity dreaming of lotions and potions, and now that dream is my reality.

To hear the full story listen to Finding Beautiful Strangers. A 12-episode limited podcast series.


To use my personal and professional journey to inspire, educate, and uplift the bright young minds of today to fulfill their own goals and dreams! 


With passion, purpose, perseverance, and dedication it can be achieved! 

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