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ABBY WALLACH is an award-winning beauty and media entrepreneur. She sets the stage as a visionary creator and businesswoman who has spent her career inspiring audiences and consumers with new engaging experiences, productions, and innovative products. Currently, Abby is re-imagining the beauty and fragrance industry with a radically new way to use, wear and sell fragrance.

As CEO and Co-founder of Scentinvent™ Technologies, a beauty and fragrance incubator, innovation and licensing company, Abby has introduced to the global marketplace a groundbreaking brand called Sparti Scents® that for the first time combines fragrance and skincare in one sleek, twist-on swivel stick. This breakthrough fragrance technology in a glide-on, skin-safe, and alcohol-free form is perfect for the travel ready and social media savvy customer. Fragrance and beauty luminaries are touting this unique innovation as the NEW cool way to wear fragrance.

Under Abby’s leadership, Sparti Scents®, a fun, joyful and celebratory brand burst onto the scene in nearly 1800 Walmart stores nationwide in April 2022. The brand was then licensed to Scent Beauty as part of its designer fragrance portfolio and recently launched with the powerhouse global e-tailer Amazon.


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"Abby's passion for fragrance and beauty combined with her deep media and digital expertise and passion to innovate a new fragrance experience is a game-changer!”


CEO, Bona Fide Beauty Lab, 
Home Court, Advisory Board, The Center, Executive Board
Former President/CEO LVMH Beauty and Christian Dior Couture North America 

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