2 Gals Disrupt The Fragrance Business

It’s A Pretty Big Deal When Walmart Says “Yes, We’ll Carry YOUR New Product”! Entrepreneurs Abby Wallach & Caroline Fabrigas couldn’t be more excited. Their idea to risk disrupting the fragrance category worked!

Beauty Is Your Business Podcast

The vision: to re-think new forms of fragrance, new delivery systems and new experiences to make fragrance a part of your every day lifestyle and routine.

Ivy Slater interviews gutsy business women as they share their success journey.

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Moms Got This: Abby Wallach

Taking your child into high powered Hollywood meetings, how your child's reactions provide feedback on entertainment programming for kids, pushing past a fear of losing one's professional identity once becoming a mother, and how kids can be one's greatest creation. Abby Wallach, Co-founder/CEO of ScentInvent Technologies (a scent innovation company), shares her mom journey with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park.

Pursuing All of Your Passions with Abby Wallach

Abby Wallach is an award-winning Beauty & Media Entrepreneur. She's worked in PR and event planning in the entertainment industry, she invented a fragrance primer called Linger, she's an Executive Producer and digital media expert, she's the co-host of the Beauty Business Podcast, she founded a playful & portable fragrance brand called Sparti Scents...

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