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Guest Speaker at New York University Course

—New York University: SPS Interactive Marketing Campaigns with Dr. Lilian Ajayi-Ore, EdD, MS Ed; 2020

Harvard Undergraduate Women In Business Conference

—Fashion, Beauty, and Retail Panel; 2017 - 2022


University of Pennsylvania Law School

—Entrepreneurship and Innovation; April 2017, 2018, and 2019


Ithaca Undergraduate Women in Business

—Entrepreneurship and Innovation; May 2018


Fashion Institute of Technology

—Discussion & Focus Group for Fragrance & Cosmetics Marketing; May 2016–2018



—Presentation and Focus Group with Fragrance Aficionados; April 2016 & 2017 


Discover Scent @ Cosmoprof
—Presentations to Beauty Industry Trade; July 2017


Scarsdale High School

—Mentorship program to High School Seniors



—Presentation, Innovation Lab; 2016–2018


—Michelle, NYU

I love how excited and passionate Abby is about Sparti Scents. She brought in her story about entrepreneurship and taught us about how she got to where she is. How to appreciate the process and I can see that although she was not in the field, she dreamed of at first, she took all she learned along the way to finally find a product that she can incorporate all her skills.

—Samantha, NYU

It is so refreshing seeing someone be so passionate and truly love their job! I really love how [she] showed [her] progression and how [she thinks] ahead to be ahead of the game.

—Trisha, NYU

This was so informative. I love how [she is] so inclusive too.

—Diya, NYU

I really liked the presentation because it showed me what it takes to build a successful brand.

—Jordana, NYU

[Abby's] enthusiasm about [her] product made me really want to try it, and hearing about [her] story from beginning to now was really inspiring and encouraging.

—Bella, NYU

I loved it! I would like to hear more about the production behind making Sparti.

—Damarys, NYU

[Abby's] enthusiasm and drive to make this brand perfect is absolutely inspiring. I love how welcoming and positive the brand is, it really makes customers happy and interested in the product.

—Kyla, NYU

I found it really amazing how [she has] created a “Sparti” community because it not only encourages consumers to buy [her] product, but it also inspires prospective entrepreneurs who want to start their own beauty company in the future. It shows how [her] company is so much bigger than just earning a profit!

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