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Your path to success, our strategic guidance.

--- Abby

Abby is a seasoned professional with extensive expertise and a wide network of connections within both the beauty, fragrance and media sectors, providing a comprehensive suite of expertise and services. Her role as an advisor extends beyond startups to providing strategic counsel and visionary leadership for businesses and brands in beauty, fashion, fragrance, and media. Abby's forte lies in brainstorming and questioning, meticulously analyzing every facet of a business to arrive at innovative solutions. She provides clear direction to achieve a business's goals at any stage, from startup to acquisition.

Her talent for formulating growth strategies, identifying opportunities from concept to scaling, and facilitating seamless transitions remains unmatched. With her adeptness in creative marketing strategies encompassing full omni-channel distribution and global reach, Abby enhances brand awareness and engagement on a global scale. She fosters a culture of innovation, driving the development of cutting-edge products, services, and processes.

Abby's extensive network spans various facets of different industries. This breadth of relationships and expertise enables her to excel in forging strategic partnerships and creating programs that drive business growth. Furthermore, Abby shares her insights and knowledge by speaking at companies, aiding them in building robust content, commerce, and communities centered around their brands and products.

Abby is your trusted partner for strategic vision, counsel, and the connections needed to accelerate success in the dynamic beauty, fragrance and media industries.  You will gain a trusted partner who combines industry insights, innovation, and a strategic approach to drive your business to new heights.

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