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Relationships are everything! Working with exceptional people throughout my career has been a highlight of my journey. I have learned from the best of the best!



CEO, Bona Fide Beauty Lab, 
Home Court, Advisory Board, The Center, Executive Board
Former President/CEO LVMH Beauty and Christian Dior Couture North America 

“The brilliance behind Sparti Scents is that it connects a fragrance loving community around joyful content that drives commerce! It is inherent in all that the brand represents. Abby's passion for fragrance combined with her deep media and digital expertise and passion to innovate a new fragrance experience is a game-changer." 


CEO Scent Marketing Inc. and Co-founder of

Scentinvent Technologies

"Abby is a master at the art of storytelling across a multitude of platforms. The creativity, resourcefulness, and insight that Abby brings to all manner of projects are impressive and memorable! Abby’s passionate and tenacious approach to problem-solving and cutting-edge solutions is a sought-after talent in today’s fast-moving digital space.”


Former SVP/GMM, Cosmetics & Fragrances,

Macy's Merchandising Group  

"As a serial entrepreneur, "never give up" is a motto Abby Wallach subscribes to and lives by everyday. For Abby, deeming this to be true proved to be both the catalyst and driving force behind the development and creation of Sparti Scents. Sparti Scents is not only  revolutionizing and changing the dynamics of the Fragrance industry, but has also created and inspired a social movement providing a platform for Sparti Scent fans to express themselves through their fragrance choices and to also be able to share their personal stories and experiences. With the advent of Sparti Scents, Abby Wallach has ushered in a new and exciting era . . . buckle up!"

Founder of Gottbeauty Consulting; 

Former VP of DMM Cosmetics, Fragrance,

Lingerie and Swim at Saks Fifth Avenue

"I am so proud of Abby’s tenacity and accomplishments. Her passion comes through in all that she does and her energy is contagious. Abby is a true entrepreneur and innovator. I will always remember when she shared Beautiful Stranger with me and I knew she was on to something big. Her mission to reinvent fragrance with new forms and textures has come to life through Sparti Scents which is sure to be a huge success. This project is the culmination of Abby’s expertise in media and passion for building a global beauty brand!” 

Co-founder of Borderline Jewelry

"Abby has the tireless energy, unbridled enthusiasm, and relentless determination a successful entrepreneur needs. She’s an amazing partner and fearless leader, and her passion for her projects is infectious.”

President of Nicole Miller

“Abby is a



SVP Group Publisher/Chief Revenue Officer of Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, and Seventeen Magazine

"As a forward-thinking digital media executive, Abby’s ideas to connect content to commerce for brands from an editorial point of view are groundbreaking and relevant."

Professor & Chairperson of Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing atThe Fashion Institute of Technology

"Every industry needs a disrupter someone who forces the industry to take a giant leap outside of its comfort zone and break the cycle of evolution. 

Scentinvent is that company. It has taken on the title of disrupter for the fragrance industry!"

COO of Mouth Media Network and

author of Fashion Law and Business

"Abby Wallach is brilliant at imagining, creating, and bringing to life transformative experiences and products.”


Founder & CEO of Remodista

"As an advisor and valuable member of the Remodista community, Abby brings new and innovative experiences and multi-media ideas to brands in the luxury and retail space."

Stylist, Former Editor of Harper's Bazaar U.S.

and Global Fashion Director of W Hotels

"Abby Wallach is the best storyteller in the digital landscape.”

Founder of Fashion Week Brooklyn & BK Style

"Abby has brought incredible value and insight to Fashion Week Brooklyn as an advisor and mentor over the past two years, Abby is a major part of the event growth and success. Her passion for the community is evident in her work with emerging talents. Her knowledge and experience in the industry, along with her enthusiasm to support community causes, makes Abby a person anyone will be happy to have supporting their mission.”


Founder of Seidline Group

"Abby Wallach is a storyteller with style. Her attention to detail combined with her diligence and dedication to making her clients shine is reflected in everything that she does.”


VP of Marketing and

Communications at Club Monaco

 "Abby and her team were a big part of our store opening at The Westchester Mall. They engaged with our shoppers and entertained them by producing a live photo session on-site to capture their personal style story. Her attention to detail and execution was flawless. Abby and her team really enhanced the guest experience and added value to our event.”


Founder & CEO of Beyond Yoga

"Abby has been on the leading edge in digital content production connected to commerce since the launch of Beautiful Stranger in 2007. She is a visionary with her finger on the pulse in the digital media industry.”

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