Moms Got This: Abby Wallach

Abby Wallach, Co-founder/CEO of ScentInvent Technologies (a scent innovation company), shares her mom journey with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park.

Fashion Week Daily: The Brilliant Winners of The Fashion Group International's 2019 Rising Star Awards

On Thursday, January 24, The Fashion Group International hosted their 22nd annual Rising Star Awards, honoring the top emerging talents in fashion, beauty and design, at Cipriani in Midtown Manhattan. Tommy Hilfiger delivered the keynote address, reminiscing about the early days of his business — reselling vintage jeans he bought in New York City with $150 he made working nights at a gas station — and encouraged the finalists to fearlessly embrace change and listen to the financial advice of their business partners. Check out the insanely talented finalists and winners below.

Beauty News NYC: FGI Awards / Fashion Group International: Catch These Rising Stars

Abby Wallach and Caroline Fabrigas, co-founders of Scentinvent Technologies were honored as finalists in the Beauty Entrepreneur category at the Fashion Group International Rising Star Awards with Tommy Hilfiger as host at the CIPRIANI in New York City this month. Why is this significant? Because (drum roll) these two beauty entrepreneurs set out to reinvent the way consumers use, love, and wear scent – and succeeded. Abby Wallach and Caroline Fabrigas are vastly improving fragrance with their new innovation, as the FGI nomination attests.

BeautyX Summit

Abby Wallach will speak on BeautyX Summit's Podcaster Panel. Podcasts have become an effective tool for beauty brands. What are the different ways brands and podcasts can partner?

WWD: Fashion Group International Reveals Rising Star Awards Honorees; Tommy Hilfiger to Give Keynote

Elle’s Kristina Rodulfo will honor the Beauty/Fragrance Entrepreneur winner. Body Stones by Kate McLeod’s Kate McLeod and Nichola Gray, Flesh’s Linda Wells, High Beauty’s Melissa Jochim, Nateeva’s Hope Freeman, Peach & Lily’s Alicia Yoon and Scentinvent Technologies’ Abby Wallach and Caroline Fabrigas are in-the-running.

Abby Wallach is an award-winning entrepreneur, executive producer, and digital media expert with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment, media, beauty, and fashion industries.

Women2Watch presented six awards for retail disruption at last night’s event in New York.

Abby Wallach is proof careers can come full circle. That if you are nimble enough in your mindset you can follow one path, have success, then pivot and return to other passions that have been sitting on the back burner for years. And return to them with the knowledge and experience you gained along the way.

A new category in fragrance which allows fragrances to remain longer, and provides new ways for consumers to use, wear and love scent…

The Future Of Fragrance Is Here — & It Looks A Lot Like Skin Care. According to WWD, Scent Invent Technologies just launched a fragrance primer, aptly called Linger, to help your scent last longer. Kind of genius. But that's not all: The company will also be introducing a perfume in serum form by the end of this year.

Linger ® Lasting Fragrance Primer Press To Date

Linger Fragrance Primer Press to date

Now in its third year, “Women2Watch in Business Disruption” expanded to include 80 women leaders from brands and service providers in the US, Australia, Europe and Canada. These women have been highlighted as pioneers and thinkers who are solving different business challenges in retail and finance.  We will shine a light on their work and help them along the way, as support in helping them solve their business challenges while sharing their thought leadership along the way!

The company operates as both a B2C and B2B operation, with plans to license its technology to other companies.

Two or three drops of perfume. This is routine for most women before leaving the home. Unfortunately, the favorite fragrance usually evaporates very quickly during the day. Spraying more perfume, however, only leads to the fact that you drag an unpleasant intrusive smell cloud behind you. Much better: a primer for the perfume.

Ah, the irony: It takes a lifetime to find the perfect fragrance, and, say, an hour for it to all-out ghost you. (That’s 46 percent faster than the average Bumble date.) But ghosting is good, some argue. The ritualistic appeal of applying, and reapplying, a fine fragrance, has been extolled to me by more than one perfumer. As totally impartial as they may be, it’s fair to say that most of us would rather it just stick around in the first place.

Now in its second year, “Women2Watch in Retail Disruption” expanded to include 80 women leaders from brands and service providers in the US and Australia. We capped off the year of celebration with an awards show and innovation lab that underscored the accomplishments and highlights our most innovative women.

Scent innovators, like Scent Invent and Canvas & Concrete, are making a splash in the fragrance industry

For those whose jobs depend on staying on the cutting edge of the style loop (and that would be virtually everyone in the beauty business), trend analysis has become much less costly and infinitely easier with the explosion of the blogosphere and social networking. Still, drilling down to the best the Internet has to offer could easily become a full-time job. These 12 multidimensional, must-bookmark sites—a mix of major players and on-a-shoestring indies—represent the best of the bunch, with a fresh vision on the industry’s key influencers. BY DANA WOOD

BeautifulStranger, The Sartorialist and Other Photo Websites Are Turning Fashion's Focus From Models to Regular People.

On any given day and any given hour, Beautiful Stranger’s stringers — street fashion reporters — roam the streets in search of the most sartorially up to date fashionistas from the fashion capitals of Milan and New York to cities whose presence is significantly smaller on the fashion radar, including D.C, Chicago and even Madison (you may have picked up a tote bag and Chapstick somewhere on campus).

Original Web content producers are happy with Webby Awards -- but what they really want is to get paid. Abby Wallach, whose background is in cable television, launched a Web series last month called "Beautiful Stranger" that features people on the street explaining their style and personality while plugging the brands that they're wearing or carrying. The idea is that a company like Chanel will see their product featured on a video, and then decide to work with the show. "We are very much a magazine-style business model," Wallach says. "We want to be a friend to every business out there."

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